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Visiting the holy temples that reassure Shiva’s mythology across India

Lord Shiva, generally referred to as ‘The Destructor’ or ‘The Parmatma’ in Hindu mythology has been in existence since the evolution of the entire universe. Present in the prayers of most individuals and with followers all across the globe, the Lord is considered to be the Supreme God in Hinduism. Devotees throng the innumerable temples in countless numbers that are present¬† throughout the length and breadth of the country.

‘Shiv Ratri’ is the time when the descent of followers to the temples increases manifold times and all gather to seek the blessings of the deity. Pouring in milk that is considered holy for Shiva, the followers¬† make a beeline to offer their prayers. There are thousands of ‘lingams’ in India , but some have a specific importance attached to them. From ages, they have been considered to be the best places to visit, in order to get the blessings of the Lord.

The important ones are called ‘Jyotirlingas’ and are twelve in number. Somnatha, Mallikarjuna, Mahakala, Omkara, Kedara, Bhimshankara, Vishvanatha, Tryambaka, Vaidynatha, Nagesha, Rameshwara and Ghushnesha. We will be visiting four of the top ones that you can’t afford to miss. Let’s take a sneak-peek for experiencing and making memories.

  • Kedarnath Temple: ¬†The northernmost of the jyotirlingas, it is present in the Himalayas that adds a sense of mysticism to it. Being snow capped for six months of the year, the temple opens from May to October. The last leg of twelve kilometers have to be covered either on foot or on a pony. Getting to Kedarnatha can be by bus or train. Called as the home of the Lord, the place is a must visit for every Shiva devotee. The lingam at the temple is in the shape of the hump of a buffalo and has its own importance in Hindu mythology.Image
  • Somnath Temple: Situatedon the western coast of Gujarat, India, near Saurashtra, this temple has its importance in the turn of events of the Lord’s life. The temple’s meaning depicts ‚ÄúThe Protector of Moon God.‚ÄĚ It has been destroyed by various kings and rulers, but restoration work is always on the move at the place. You can visit the place all the year around. Catch the latest flight or train and get going.


  • Shiv Dol: ¬†This temple stands on the bank of the Borpukhuri tank in the heart of Shivasagar, Assam, in the North-East. It is believed to be the tallest temple in India, has height of 104 feet and its perimeter is around 195 feet at the base. The golden-dome has a height of eight feet and every year a huge fair is organized during Shivratri to offer prayers. Visit the place to experience the magic.¬†Image
  • Nageshwar Temple:¬†The most prominent Shiva shrines in India, it is located on the outskirts of Dwarka, Gujarat. A lot is said about the mythology that goes about the origin of this temple. The shrine is a huge attraction for devotees from across the country and even tourists throng the place to catch a glimpse of the place.

ImageThe above mentioned places have facts and stories that differ from place to place and lend more mysticism about them. Lord Shiva, rules the entire universe and placing your offerings in front of the Supreme god, you will get lucky. So, pack your bags and book your tickets for that ultimate divine experience. If, you have visited any place or other shrines, do share your experience.

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Two Must-Visit Summer Destinations In India

Summers are here and India tends to visit places which are off-beat, cooler and also surreal. In consideration to this fact, two must-visit Summer destinations are here; which are situated on the southern land and North-Eastern India- truly showing the diversity of this great land.

OOTY , also known as¬†Udhagamandalam or¬†Udhagai. Ooty has been termed as ‘The Queen of hill stations in India‚Äô

Situated 80 kms north of Coimbatore, It is one of the most popular tourist spots or summer getaways in India. Ooty is surrounded by picturesque beauty. The sprawling grasslands , waterfalls, tea gardens ,hill ranges , great lakes, dense forests are great sources of rejuvenation as well as energy booster for tourists.. The lovely climate conditions make it a perfect place to spend some quality time away from the hustle bustle of a city.

Ooty has good accommodation facilities with the choicest staying options available to satisfy any traveler need.

A few major tourist attractions of this place are the government Rose Gardens, Ooty lake, Stone house, the Tribal museum. With a perfectly balanced ecosystem, Ooty makes it a perfect holiday destination.


Ariel view of The Nilgiri Mountain Railway(NMR)

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway(NMR), a World Heritage Site is one of the oldest mountain railways in India which connects Ooty with the town of Mettupalayam.

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TripOrTrap Featured on World Renowned Intuit Blog

Intuit has been known as a credible group that promotes and helps startups, generally, ‘Small Business’. Intuit has played a significant role over several past years to promote and exemplify the new entrepreneurs and¬† their plausible products, services. It shares insights, free resources, content, knowledge, information to boost such setups and further choose and interview exemplary entrepreneurs to share their business stories.

 This time it is Neeraj Bhatia, who featured in the exclusive interview section.

 An avid traveler,  adventure enthusiast, part time blogger and most important, the founder of the TripOrTrap, a travel review site where tourists and travelers can find crucial insights and information shared by other travelers.  The reviews section is divided into several subcategories such as Hotels and Destinations with an aim to share honest feedbacks, comments and suggestions given by fellow travelers, thereby helping them to decide and plan their trip better.

¬†This is how TripOrTrap works ‚ÄĒ Based on the feedback of fellow travelers, the team of TripOrTrap rate the hotels, their facilities and their amenities such as the cafeteria and restaurant facilities, housekeeping and cleanliness, parking facility and overall hospitality. This helps in ‚Äútransferring your experiences to all those who are yet to experience the good things of a satisfying holiday trip‚ÄĚ, says Neeraj.

 So how did it happen? How did this idea clicked Neeraj?

He studied the travel business well and came out with a comprehensive conclusion that was about to change the traveler experience in India, which till now remained neglected. He gave a platform unlike other travel portals and sites which talked to the travel enthusiast to voice and review their complete journey and experiences.

¬†So, his team planned to start a hotel and a destination review website with the aim of saving travelers from the traps/wrong doings and misleading commitment made by travel agents , so rampant even now. ‚ÄúTravel planning is the most essential thing which our country needs because no demo, no trial packs are available to make sure one gets the optimum value out of trip each time‚ÄĚ.

In TripOrTrap, hotel and other reviews are made by real travelers with an¬† aim to assist other fellow travelers to to find out hotel best suited to their needs. Since, we believe that traveling is the only segment where there is no ‚Äėtry-before-buy‚Äô, people can plan their trip based on reviews thereby mitigating the chances of impulsive and instinctive choices.

 So, Now you know where to look, when you are planning a trip!


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Kashmir Festival 2013 : Pack your Bags and GO

Agar Firdaus bar ru-e-zamin ast, Hami ast o Hami ast o

Kashmir is,¬†undoubtedly, heaven on earth and It attracts many nature loving¬†tourists¬†to its doorstep to enjoy the surreal and calm beauty. To promote the¬†tourism¬†in this heavenly state and the tourism-centric economy, Ministry of tourism has announced a two week (May 13- 29) celebration termed as¬†‘Kashmir Festival 2013’.


An outer view of Welcom Heritage Gurkha Houseboat, Nagin Lake, Srinagar

Kashmiri Hospitality and tradition cuisine will be the backbone of this promotional event, which aims to promote tourism and to aware the prospective tourists to visit not only the popular destination like Leh (Ladhakh) or Hindu Shrines likes Amarnath and Jammu but to popularise the adventurous side of Kashmir too.

Locations like Yousmarg, Manasbal, Verinag, Kokernag, Daksum and Lolab Valley has been given parity and promotion as well as other popular destinations of valley such as Sonmarg, Gulmarg, Srinagar and Pehalgam.

Main events of the Festival include a Jehlum River Cruise, Shikara Race on the Dal Lake, Photography Exhibition, Painting Competition, Golf Championship at Kashmir Golf Course, Polo Match at Sonamarg, Horse Races, Adventure Activities ‚Äď Cycle Race, Roller Skating, Paragliding, Trekking Expeditions, Rafting Competition.

Local Hoteliers/ Shikara Owners(House Boat Owners) have also proposed lucrative 20-30% discount as special case for the forthcoming season. So, Now the travelers have choice and reason to visit this destination in this summers.

Happy travelling!

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Leh (Ladakh)- Surreal and Sublime


Located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is the wonderland for travelers who wish to explore the awe-inspiring creations of Mother Nature. Leh, the capital of Ladakh is ultimate destinations for the travelers who venture out to hunt the spectacular moments of a journey with the splendid sensation of God’s miraculous creation.

Miraculously placed at the altitude varying from 9,000 feet and 25,170 feet Ladakh is a land of perfect blend of peaceful landscapes and adventurous spots. Ranging from vivacious landscapes, eye catching sceneries of glaciers amalgamating with membranous clouds to rich cultural heritage, Ladakh has it all. Having most of the part of population serving the Buddhist religion and culture, Ladakh is popularly known as Lama Land.

For trekkers and adventure lovers Ladakh is the seventh heaven and to reach out this heaven you can opt from air travel and road trip. Various Airlines operate daily flight from Delhi to Leh and the periodic flights are maintained from Jammu and Srinagar. But reaching Leh via road is the experience that you would cherish for lifetime and the people, who are fond of natural beauty, can not afford to miss the adventure and joy of a road trip to the magnificent land of high passes.


The roads leading to Leh, Ladakh have two major routes. One is Srinagar to Leh and second is Manali to Leh. Both the routes have a lot in store to offer to its travelers in terms of astonishing range of panoramic sceneries and thrilling expereinces. Both places Srinagar and Manali, where the journey to the ‚Äėland of mesmerizing landscapes‚Äô starts from, have a good facility of road transportation available. Apart from the Ladakh tourism, private bus operators offer daily bus services and jeeps that run through the thrilling route to Leh Ladakh.


As per the weather conditions the route from Srinagar to Ladakh generally opens from early May to late October, in winters the Zoji La undergoes heavy snowfall and route gets blocked. It takes 2 days of road journey to reach Ladakh offering such an enchanting experience that an airfare of 40 minutes can never offer. The drive passes through three main passes including Zoji La at 3529 meters, Namika La 3718 meters and Fatu La at 4092 meters. At these level of heights where level of oxygen falls, the travelers may undergo altitude sickness causing nose block, nose bleeding and various other suffocating experiences. One should step out for this journey with all possible altitude sickness curing measures.

Whereas the route from Manali to Leh, the highway from Himachal Pradesh opens from May-June to October-November, rest of the months it remains isolated, covered with the white layers of snow. The journey is 2 days long, offering the travelers with the non-stop flashes of splendid scenic beauty. The major passes in this panoramic journey are Rohtang La, Baralacha La, Nakee La, LachLung La and Tanglang La. Where, the Rohtang La is the highest pass in the series placed at 3,900m altitude.

Both the routes imprint such flashes in your memory that remain fresh for lifetime. While capturing the beauteous backdrops, melting glaciers, sun rays falling upon the mountains and the wispy clouds traveling along with you, in you eyes forever, it creates an aura as if you are going through the masterpiece of dream your mind ever imagined of having. This beautiful journey lands you to the Land of Lama, where a new slide show of new culture, panoramic prettiness and monasteries is waiting to make your journey worth.

The adventure¬†doesn’t¬†stops here, the land of Ladakh a lot more to offer you with, but one should never overlook this fact that adventure is delightful when you get a chance to share it with people, over enthusiasm may turn into stupidity, leading you nowhere, So be very-very careful about your life.

(Image and content courtesy:  Priyanka A)

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The first chapter of my stained Diary Pages!

India is an abode to some of the most tremendously blessed landscapes around the world. Its not just the strategic locations, but the beauty these landscapes ensembles, which makes them extraordinary.  Munnar, a small town in the backdrop of rolling mountain scenery is surrounded with mountain landscapes which are contagiously beautiful are rare in southern region of India. The craggy peaks, the manicured tea estates and crisp mountain air, Munnar is a perfect spot to let cool yourself after the sticky heat of the lowlands. It could be a tough task to photograph these landscapes because usually, the weather remains hazy or cloudy for much of the year and the camera or the eye could not get a clear view of things and hence cannot be captured effectively. Perhaps, the only way to get it right is to plan well and be at the right place at the right time in the right seasons.


Image Courtesy: Prasanna Vijapur.

The morning view of the mountain pass that connects Suryanelli and Kolukkumalai Tea Estates, located to the east of Munnar Town is an example of surreal beauty. People here seem full of life and easy going. To explore this place morning is the ideal time, when one could make a backbreaking journey through some remote roads to reach just in time for sunrise kissing the peak of the mountains.

A visitor might get fooled by the bustling noisy and grubby namesake town of the region but the real attractions lie in the surrounding hills that can make every trip to this place rewarding.

You too can review your adventurous journeys, people, places, attractions, insights, hotels, on TripOrTrap.

Who knows, your review might become an inspiration for others.

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Advance Reservation Period (ARP) Reduced : Indian Railways

Breaking News:

rail2Ministry of Railways has taken the decision of reducing the Advance Reservation Period from 120 days to 60 days (excluding date of journey). The decision is applicable from 1st of May  2013 and will be applicable to Indian travelers only. Foreign Tourists can still enjoy ARP of 360 days, as before.

Advance Reservation Period is the time  period in  which any passenger can reserve the seats, berths or compartments for trains in India. Indian Railways had, in the past, increased this limit but the menace of touts and bulk booking of tickets by agents has made it to consider the reduction in booking period. It has been (allegedly) observed that touts book the tickets and sell it on premium to the prospective passengers. It has been, also, observed that due to hectic life style, people are not opting to book the train tickets months ago. Increase in Cancellation charges and reduction in ARP can be beneficial for the people who are planning to go on travel and are expecting to get a confirmed booking.

Happy travelling!