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Book Tickets for Taj Mahal & Humayun’s Tomb online

To Automate the system of Issuing Tickets for the entry to Taj Mahal & Humayun’s Tomb,¬†Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) ¬†has initiated the E-ticket option with the association of Ministry of Culture & IRCTC.

Book a Visit to Taj Mahal & Humanyun's Tomb Online

Book a Visit to Taj Mahal & Humanyun’s Tomb Online

The Link to Book E-ticket is Here.

This move will not only curb the black marketing of issued ticket from the ticket windows but also, will help ASI to curb the visits of tourists to reduce the load on these architectures.

Just for the information, here are the fees being charged:-

Entry Fee for Taj Mahal, Agra

  • Indian Visitors : INR¬†20/-
  • Citizen of SAARC and BIMSTEC countries : INR¬†510.00
  • Other Foreign Visitor : INR¬†750/-
  • Free entry : Children below 15 years
BIMSTEC Countries

List of BIMSTEC Countries

List of SAARC countries

List of SAARC countries

Entry Fee for Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi

  • Free entry : Children below 15 years
  • Citizens of India and visitors of SAARC¬†and BIMSTEC Countries – INR¬†10 per head.
  • Other Foreign Visitor : INR¬†250/-

Although tourists can buy tickets from the existing counters, this facility will reduce the long queues to buy tickets.

Have a Pleasant Trip!

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Explore The Taj Mahal virtually with Google Maps

Explore the Taj Mahal with Google Maps

Explore the Taj Mahal with Google Maps

One of the new seven wonders of the world,¬†India‚Äôs much-admired heritage site globally¬†Taj Mahal, is now available in the format of virtual tour,¬†simply by using Street View on¬†Google Maps. ¬†For those who can‚Äôt make it to India,¬†Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and Google has provided web users the ability to explore¬†monuments like Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb, Red Fort and Agra Fort on Google Maps¬†¬†in 360-degree view in their internet browser

Banned in the past due to privacy concerns, Google has now come up with 360-degree panoramic imagery of 30 monuments.¬†On premi√®ring this service,¬†union minister of culture Chandresh Kumari Katoch said¬†“Today, this partnership with Google makes it possible for billions of people across the world to see and explore our magnificent heritage, to take a walk at the Rock Cut Jain Temple, to marvel at the Nagarjuna Konda Buddhist Stupas and to relive history in Fatehpur Sikri. With the release of these new panoramic images, we aim to create a dynamic, immersive online experience by which people within India and around the world can understand and engage more of India’s diverse cultural heritage”.

Google had signed an MOU with the Ministry of Tourism, India to map 30 monuments using its ‚ÄėStreet View Trekker‚Äô technology for the first time in India.¬†As the special Google cars cannot enter into the Taj Mahal, it is instead being mapped by a backpack Trekker 75 Mega Pixel camera specially designed by Google.

Many other websites already provide virtual tours on net, like this one. 

Here’s a video bringing you through Google Maps Street View to the Taj Mahal.



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Taj Mahal likely to be thrown open for public on Fridays


Taj Mahal from Yamuna’s End- Taj Mahal is likely to be open on Fridays
(Pic Credit: Wikipedia/dcastor)

The white marble mausoleum, The pinnacle of Mughal architecture, The crown of palaces, The jewel of Muslim art in India, Universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage– Many Introductions, One Taj Mahal.

If Reports coming out in Media is to be believe then In-spite of various opposition by conservationists, a a recent meeting headed Mr. Pradeep Bhatnagar, DC-Agra & participated by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials has proposed to open the gates of Taj Mahal, Agra on its weekly off i.e Fridays for general public for a specific period of time & with a special fees.

The charges are believed to be in the line of $100 for foreign tourists & Rs. 5000 per head for Domestic visitor. The time has been decided for 5 hours i.e from 7 A.M of Fridays to 12 in noon. 


The pinnacle of Mughal architecture- Taj Mahal.
Since 1993 Taj has weekly off on Fridays.

It is also worth mentioning that in 1993 a high power committee under the chairmanship of Mr.    S Vardarajan had recommended the weekly off for this white marble mausoleum.

Nearly 6 millions tourists visit this place officially & the actual tourist count could be near to ten millions as entry is free for anyone below the age of 15 (For Full Ticket Charges, click here) which in other words means Full moon or not, around 20,000 tourists visit the Taj Mahal every day except Friday, when the monument is closed.


However, as the ASI rules the site and it has its own standards rules & guidelines to follow; the implementation of this new proposal is very unlikely.

We have a opinion that instead of moving in this direction, tourism infrastructure can be developed to lure more visitors,number of visitors count can be restricted while at the same time preventing the deterioration of the world heritage sites.

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7 places in India to Propose someone special

Propose to your love-one this season in India.

Propose to your love-one this season in India.

We have usually seen the couples deciding suitable destinations for honeymoon but¬†now the planning begins even before, destinations for proposing loved ones are¬†being decided too. Many couples have taken the saying ” Well begun is half done”¬†very seriously. Most of the couples decide to spend quality time abroad neglecting¬†the romantic locations of India. We present some suggestions for you all to initiate¬†your love life at some beautiful destinations. Proposing the love of your life at¬†a beautiful location adds cherry on the cake. Lets discuss the top 7 destinations¬†to propose in India.

1. Epitome of Love ~ Taj Mahal, Agra


Epitome of love- Taj Mahal

Every action shall take place at an appropriate place and time, its consequences are always positive when both time and place are blend together. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders,¬†each one longs to visit and explore it. The perfect time of your life to visit Taj Mahal is the time when you are all set to express your feelings to your loved one, yes it is one of the¬†most appropriate place to propose your beloved. Taj Mahal is a mausoleum built by Shah Jahan¬†as a token of love in memory of his favourite wife ‘Mumtaz Mahal’. It not only serves as a monument but a monument of immeasurable beauty and love. It makes their love timeless and inspires the lovers to a large extent. A location echoing the fable of love with beautiful¬†surroundings of shimmering water,greenery and the purity of whiteness of Taj Mahal makes it the best place to spend time with loved ones. Purity and positivity flow in its surroundings¬†developing the bond of timeless love, its phenomenal beauty leaves everyone mesmerized.
Taj Mahal has inspired various artists especially love poets, who indulge in comparing unconditional love with that of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.

2. Paradise on Earth ~ Kashmir


(photo credit

If there is paradise on earth, it is Kashmir, we all have been hearing this saying from elderly people and other sources.Have we ever wondered why is Kashmir called so ? Well the answer lies when you visit Kashmir. In the lap of Himalayas residing at a houseboat in Dal Lake, exploring the beauty in shikhara, each thing about Kashmir makes you feel closer to spiritual love.
Proposing your beloved in a shikara with colorful flowers surrounded by sparkling water and tranquility, it will make your beloved speechless. Moments of love are always better when spent near nature.Exploring the floating gardens feeling like a Mughal Emperor may make it easy for you to find the day of your love. Natural beauty and pleasant weather brings out the best in a person and Kashmir is the right place to initiate the bond of love.


Dal Lake, Kashmir
(Photo credit: Nilanjan Sasmal / / CC BY-NC-SA)

3. Scotland of India ~ Coorg


(Pic Credit:

If you love lush green surroundings,you will love Coorg.Vibrant coloured flowers,chirping birds,path covered by trees, sunrays finding their ways in between the leaves, such is the beauty of Coorg. This is one of the most beautiful hill-station in southern India, a place one must surely visit to obtain the essence of beauty. Beauty tastes best when with dear ones, proposing your beloved in the midst of brightness of the colors of leaves and flowers will surely bear positive results. Coorg is not disturbed by the rush of city life and over urbanization, it is a destination which ensures solitude and togetherness away from noise and pollution.

Taking a leisurely walk in hilly heavenly pathways can give rise to a subtle and beautiful relation in a beautiful manner.

4. Land of Royalty ~ Rajasthan

If you are fond of royal lifestyle and desire to be a part of it, Rajasthan is the place.
The land of royalty,bravery,love and colours, is an amazing destination for expressing love in a very different way. Rajasthan is one of the most colourful states of India and the colours turn even beautiful with perfect company. Splendid palaces, magnificent forts and havelis, add to the richness of the place.Proposing your beloved at ancient palaces can prove to be a gesture of lifetime togetherness.Royal splendours fascinate the couples, the luxurious heritage adds pleasure to the mood.Exotic sand dunes, exciting desert safari, camel rides are few activities to relax and cherish the moments. Sitting under the dark sky gazing sparkling moon and glittering stars bears the essence of sweetness in love.

5. Beach and Adventure ~ Goa

Are you a adventurous couple? How about proposing your beloved while jet skiing in Goa. Goa is one of the most thrilling places to visit. Relaxing at a beach with thirst quenchers to cool oneself.Dinner at beach side, celebrations on a cruise, what can be as romantic as a candle light dinner at the cruise. A perfect place to express what you feel, the ambience of Goa is playful as well romantic.

6. Snow-caped Mountains ~ Gulmarg


Photo credit: Codik / / CC BY-SA

Snow and love both are beautiful and when clubbed together gives perfect results.
Gulmarg literally means meadow of flowers. Its lush green surroundings,beautiful landscapes and serene lakes are symbols of purity,hope and positivity. Proposing your beloved in between the Himalayan ranges in so romantic and pleasing. This is one of those destinations in India one must not skip to visit. It also provides amazing winter sports that attracts most of its tourists.

 7. Andaman & Nicobar Island


Havelock Island
(Pic Credit:

Visiting the island is a mesmerizing experience, surrounded by coconut palms gives a fairy-tale experience.Couples can spend excellent time by deciding to visit these islands.These islands are covered by dense forests and appear as sparking gems when seen from height. Love relations can easily blossom at such beautiful location.

Lovers shall take the advantage of the romantic atmosphere and give a meaning to their relationship, proposing here is an amazing idea. The scenic beauty creates infinite romantic impact and give a lifetime cherishing experience.