Here is the blog piece written by Mr. Neeraj Bhatia, CEO & Founder of Triportrap.com.Ā 

In India, among foreignĀ travelersĀ as well as general travelling community, theme based tourism is very popular. You have yoga tourism, Wellness tourism, rural tourism and on the same ground, I read that MoS (shipping), Milind Deora, launched a project termed as Lighthouse tourism.

Government in yesteryear also has tried to conserve the rich heritage of our Lighthouses.

Lighthouses are not only ambassadors of heritage of our vast shore line but also protecting them can help the general public to get awareness about our rich maritime history and public can be instrumental in conserving them too. Earlier Government has issued stamp in 1985 honoring Ā Minicoy Island Lighthouse, Lakshadweep.Ā 

As a start, 15 lighthouses are being adopted in this project but later on many other landmarks can make their place into this project. Ā The project started with Kanhoji Angre lighthouse (Earlier known as Khanderi), spread over 18 acres off the coast of Thal near Alibag ( Maharashtra). I visited this place in 2009 and it only has a temple where locals were present but it was totally invisible on any tourist map. With an estimatedĀ time frameĀ of 18 months and planning to add PPP (Public-private partnership), I wish that these kind of projects should be encouraged by the government. It not only conserves the history but also spread the knowledge about a particular area. I would congratulateĀ Director General of Lighthouses & Lightships for this kind of brave efforts.

Journey is always a fun, if you know the stories behind it and aĀ travelerĀ travels not for the sake of a journey but for being involved and become a part of that place.

Happy Travelling!

Lighthouse Tourism- A very first in India