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NTES- the Official website of Indian Railways for Status of Trains Affected Due to Fog

NATIONAL TRAIN ENQUIRY SYSTEM (NTES) is the official platform by Centre For Railway Information Systems to provide the Live updates to public about expected Arrival/Departure of trains, train schedule information, information about cancelled trains, diverted trains at major stations.

National Train Enquiry System- the official website by Indian Railways

National Train Enquiry System- the official website by Indian Railways

The website Link is here

Fog affected trains of Indian Railway Link 

Details of Fog affected Trains of Indian Railways

Details of Fog affected Trains of Indian Railways

Android App Link is here

Windows 8.1 Link is here

We, at TriporTrap, wish you all a successful journey and travellers should use these tools to get timely and reliable information related to status of trains affected due to Fog this Winter.

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Snapshot of IRCTC Cancellation Rules for e-tickets

The e- tickets are booked and cancelled through IRCTC site and the refund of fare is credited to the customer’s account after deducting the applicable Service charges and taxes.

Cancellation of e-Tickets after the preparation of Reservation charts:-

Clause Time Before Scheduled Departure of train AC First Class/ Executive Class AC 2 Tier / First Class AC 3 Tier/   AC Chair car/ AC 3 Eco Sleeper Class Second Class
A More than 48 hrs 120 100 90 60 30
B 48 hrs to 6 hrs^ 25% 25% 25% 25% 25%
C less than 6 hrs* 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
^subject to a minimum of the cancellation
charge referred to in clause(a)
*subject to a minimum of the cancellation
charge referred to in clause(a)

For Brief Insight, Travellers can check this Link and for detailed procedures realted to Refund Rules, Click Here

(P.S: The information provided above has been scrutinized with great care, However, please refer to rules provided on the IRCTC site, which get changed from time to time.)

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Indian Railways – The Next Generation E-Ticketing system

With the expansion of Technology, Ticket Booking through e-Ticketing site (popularly called as IRCTC) has increased manifold. With the passage of time,IRCTC e-ticketing application was demanding a high performance, secure and scalable upgrade so as to reduce the time of Booking during peak hours on site.
To provide more than 0.10 million concurrent users chance to book the ticket and also to cater the need of future growth in the coming years, Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) application has been introduced by Indian Railways.
IRCTC has run direct mailers to the registered profilers:-

IRCTC direct mailers to registered users

IRCTC direct mailers to registered users

If migrated users try to use the earlier version, they will get a standard message

“Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/File TDR of your old transactions done before migration, click “My Transactions” below. To book e-tickets , click “Proceed For Booking”.¬†¬†After migration new transactions can be viewed in “Booked Ticket History” in Next Generation e-Ticketing website”.

IRCTC default message

IRCTC default message

You can access new e-ticketing site directly at  and the site dons a new look.

IRCTC new application default page

IRCTC new application default page


The new application has been optimised to book 7200 tickets per minute while current system can reserve 2000 tickets per minute.

All in All, These are the main benefits for passengers (Source):-

  • Accessibility to site during peak load
  • Stringent User Registration process bringing down cornering of tickets by fictitious users
  • User friendly options shall improve customer satisfaction
  • Resume option to user to continue transaction from the point his session closed/Aborted
  • Automatic booking if user has successfully done the payment.
  • Informing the users through SMS regarding the status of incomplete transaction.

We, at TriporTrap, Hope that the migration to new advanced application proves better satisfactory results for the passengers with improved user experience, the better performance of the e-ticketing system and good source of revenue for the Indian Railways!


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Karnataka’s First luxury Train- The Golden Chariot


The Golden Chariot – The Pride of the South India Rail journey

Royalty, Heritage, treasure of archaeology and cultural ethos manifest into one luxury train, which has been named after Stone Chariot in the Vitthala Temple at Hampi( A world heritage site); We are referring to India’s first disabled-friendly luxury train- The Golden chariot.


Exterior view of The Golden Chariot
(Pic Courtesy:

The train has got inspirations from India‚Äôs original luxury train ‚ÄĚPalace on wheels‚ÄĚ with greater detailing on comforts of the travellers. With 44 guest cabins,¬†two multi-cuisine restaurants,¬†on-site lounge bar, conference car, Spa,¬†gymnasium- Karnataka‚Äôs luxury train, The Golden Chariot vies with its illustrious counterparts in India and abroad.

Travel like royalty! Pic Credit: Official Facebook Page

Travel like royalty!
Pic Credit: Official Facebook Page

It has been awarded the title of “Asia’s Leading Luxury Train” at World Travel Awards, 2013 and Owing to its world class facilities; Golden Chariot has earned the recognition as one of the seven best luxury trains in the World from Vanity Fair Magazine.


Colour of The Golden Chariot is deep purple & gold.
(Pic Credit:

This train bears the royalty in its colour combinations and logo too- purple and gold- while its logo is a mythological animal having elephant face and the body of a lion. Whereas Purple symbolises elegance, sophistication and Royalty; on the other hand the use of golden colour showcase the golden jubilee celebrations of the Karnataka State.

Depending on the selected itinerary, Route of the train truly signifies as standing testimony to the skill and craftsmanship of Ancient southern India at Mysore, Srirangapatna, Sravanabelogola, Halebeedu, Belur-the 11th century cradle of Hoysala architecture and a world heritage site, Hampi, and thereafter entering into the triangular heritage site of Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole and The Nagarahole National Park (Kabini) is witnessed by travellers and the luxury train terminates in Goa.

The Golden Chariot Train is equipped with various kinds if modern amenities to satisfy the tastes of foreigners well as the domestic travellers. 11  coaches of this train are named after dynasties that ruled the region : Kadamba,  Hoysala,  Rashtrakuta,  Ganga,  Chalukya,  Bahamani,  Adil Shahi,  Sangama,  Satavahana,  Yadukula and  Vijayanagar.


The Golden Chariot offers 2 memorable itineraries. The itineraries are named Pride of the South and Splendor of the South.

Pride of the South:-

Pride of the South tour is a 7 nights and 8 days itinerary during which several tourist places in Karnataka are covered. The destinations covered during Pride of the South are

Bengaluru (Day 1), Mysore (Day 2), Nagarhole National Park  (Day3),  Hassan, Karnataka,  Belur and Halebidu (Day 4),  Hospet and Hampi (Day 5),  Aihole,  Pattadakal  and Badami (Day 6), Goa (Day 7), and back to Bengaluru (Day 8).

Splendor of the South:-

Splendor of the South tour covers tourist places in 3 South Indian states. During this 7 nights and 8 days itinerary, tourist places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pondicherry are explored. Destinations covered during this itinerary include  Bangalore (Day 1),  Chennai (Day 2),  Pondicherry (Day 3),  Tanjavur (Day 4),  Madurai (Day 5),  Thiruvananthapuram (Day 6),  Alleppey and Kochi(Day 7)  and return to Bangalore (Day 8)

Executive Travel in India Photo Credit: Facebook official Page

Executive Travel in India
Photo Credit: Facebook official Page

Departure Schedule of The Golden Chariot

The Golden Chariot Departure Calendar ( October 2014 to April 2015)
Sr. No. Month 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week
Date Date Date Date Date
1 Oct-14 6-P 13-P 20-S 27-P
2 Nov-14 3-S 10-P 17-S 24-P
3 Dec-14 1-S 8-P 15-S 22-P 29-S
4 Jan-15 5-P 12-S 19-P 26-S
5 Feb-15 2-P 9-S 16-P 23-S
6 Mar-15 2-P 9-S 16-P 23-S
7 Apr-15 6-C 13-C 20-C 27-C
P Pride of the South tour
S Splendour of the South tour

(This is not final Calender and can vary with actual journey schedule. Please Re-check with the authorized authority.)

Indeed, embarking journey on a luxurious voyage and passing through timeless Historical Heritage Sites, memorable Palaces, Wildlife and Golden Beaches with the comfort of luxury train like The Golden chariot is an amazing experience and each traveller should witness this.

Happy Travelling!

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Double Decker Trains In India


Double Decker Train In India

Bi-level Car or Double Decker Trains are the modern marvel in train transport which has been introduced by Indian Railways too.

Double Decker Trains solves many issues related to spending huge cost on Infrastructure (extra tracks or running extra trains), Longer Platforms to accommodate coaches, problem of less seating capacity available on busy routes.

Indian Railways¬†introduced its first air-conditioned double deck train in 2011 on the¬†Howrah ‚Äď Dhanbad Double Decker Express¬†between¬†Howrah station¬†in¬†West Bengal¬†and¬†Dhanbad Junction¬†in¬†Jharkand. Later on, many new trains were introduced on various other routes.

The Latest updated list of Double Deck Trains in India is as follows:- 


Double Decker Trains Route in India- (Updated 26-07-13)

Cynosure of all eyes, novel experience for some-‎Double Decker‬ Trains are plying on various Routes of ‪Indian Railways. Each New Train boasts of many new features such as  Passenger capacity of 128 each rake, LED destination boards, Provision of Snack table and Bottle holder for each passenger.

Share your Beautiful train journey, Hotel experiences with us.

Happy Traveling!!

Standard Disclosure:- Care has been taken while collecting All data related to trains time table, Please refer to Present time table before using  any of above information. 

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How to Register with IRCTC for train bookings by Foreign tourists?

India, on an average, welcomes 6.58 million foreign tourists and this number is growing at a very rapid pace. India has a vast network of Railways, interconnecting whole country. For a Foreign tourist or NRI who wants to see the real India, We highly recommend to use vast railway network of Indian Railways.
IRCTC web portal comes in handy to avoid long queues at the railway stations or to avoid paying the brokers and has facility to book advance ticket 360 days before the journey.
2012 on-wards, there has been a major change in the procedure of booking tickets on IRCTC. Here is some steps which can help foreign tourists and NRIs to get themselves registered with IRCTC and can book the train tickets without hassle.
1. Log in to the website and click ‘Sign up‘ button.
2. Fill in the mandatory details along with E-mail id and mobile number (This could be a random number as prefix of India’s ISD code makes it impossible to update the native country cell number)
3. Once you have filled all the necessary details, you will get an acknowledgement message that User ID, password and activation Link has been sent to your Registered E-mail ID and the mobile verification code has been forwarded to your Registered mobile number.
4. After getting the User Id on your Registered E-mail id, you can forward the request for sending the mobile verification code on your E-mail by writing to the customer care.
5. Once you get the mobile verification code on your Registered E-mail id (may take few days), you can verify the code. Image
6. You are now registered on IRCTC and can use this for booking tickets.
We hope this blog will clear a lot of ambiquity related to How to Register with IRCTC for train bookings by Foreign tourists and NRIs.
For any other help, we are attaching the contact details of IRCTC,
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Advance Reservation Period (ARP) Reduced : Indian Railways

Breaking News:

rail2Ministry of Railways has taken the decision of reducing the Advance Reservation Period from 120 days to 60 days (excluding date of journey). The decision is applicable from 1st of May  2013 and will be applicable to Indian travelers only. Foreign Tourists can still enjoy ARP of 360 days, as before.

Advance Reservation Period is the time  period in  which any passenger can reserve the seats, berths or compartments for trains in India. Indian Railways had, in the past, increased this limit but the menace of touts and bulk booking of tickets by agents has made it to consider the reduction in booking period. It has been (allegedly) observed that touts book the tickets and sell it on premium to the prospective passengers. It has been, also, observed that due to hectic life style, people are not opting to book the train tickets months ago. Increase in Cancellation charges and reduction in ARP can be beneficial for the people who are planning to go on travel and are expecting to get a confirmed booking.

Happy travelling!