About TriporTrap.com

Living in a free, open, abundant, easily accessible, however, doubtfully transparent online arena, the situation has somewhat compelled us not to trust easily. We always seek a second opinion before we reach to a conclusion. Which car should I buy; which college should I take admission in or send my child to study, and so on…

Afterwards, we make some telephone calls, talk to our friends and relatives, read some newspaper or magazine reviews, or at best pay a visit to the nearby showroom or to the college. Then make a decision, still doubtful… Everything seems to be in a state of confusion: Chaotic & Puzzled….

Same is the state of the travel, tourism, and hotel industry in our country. Information is abundant, but which one you should trust.

You will never wish that your much awaited, well-planned, and highly ambitious annual trip, which also involves certain capital investment, would ever go in vain; and you are forced to think, “Was it a Trip, or a Trap?”

Travel is such an affair where you do not actually get the chance to go for the ‘Try before Buy’ theory. Everything has to be for the first time… and perfect. So, why not make the best out of it. Triportrap.com is here to help you out and this blog is the official mouthpiece of the website.

Express your Opinion. Speak Out.

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