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Indian Railways – The Next Generation E-Ticketing system

With the expansion of Technology, Ticket Booking through e-Ticketing site (popularly called as IRCTC) has increased manifold. With the passage of time,IRCTC e-ticketing application was demanding a high performance, secure and scalable upgrade so as to reduce the time of Booking during peak hours on site.
To provide more than 0.10 million concurrent users chance to book the ticket and also to cater the need of future growth in the coming years, Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) application has been introduced by Indian Railways.
IRCTC has run direct mailers to the registered profilers:-

IRCTC direct mailers to registered users

IRCTC direct mailers to registered users

If migrated users try to use the earlier version, they will get a standard message

“Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/File TDR of your old transactions done before migration, click “My Transactions” below. To book e-tickets , click “Proceed For Booking”.  After migration new transactions can be viewed in “Booked Ticket History” in Next Generation e-Ticketing website”.

IRCTC default message

IRCTC default message

You can access new e-ticketing site directly at  and the site dons a new look.

IRCTC new application default page

IRCTC new application default page


The new application has been optimised to book 7200 tickets per minute while current system can reserve 2000 tickets per minute.

All in All, These are the main benefits for passengers (Source):-

  • Accessibility to site during peak load
  • Stringent User Registration process bringing down cornering of tickets by fictitious users
  • User friendly options shall improve customer satisfaction
  • Resume option to user to continue transaction from the point his session closed/Aborted
  • Automatic booking if user has successfully done the payment.
  • Informing the users through SMS regarding the status of incomplete transaction.

We, at TriporTrap, Hope that the migration to new advanced application proves better satisfactory results for the passengers with improved user experience, the better performance of the e-ticketing system and good source of revenue for the Indian Railways!



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