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Twin Beaches of North Goa- Calangute & Baga

India, the seventh largest country in the world, has a large coastline of 7517 kilometres. In particular, the Southern part of India is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the south-west and Bay of Bengal in the south-east.


Beach Map of Goa state
(Pic Credit: mapsofIndia .com)

Goa is India’s smallest state by size but it attracts millions of tourists to its shore due to renowned beaches, colonized architecture and rich flora & fauna. Last season, this former Portuguese colony received about 4.5 lakh foreign tourists due to its incredibly scenic beaches. The 105 km long coastline of the state has over 30 beaches and we’re going to, hereby, discuss two Important Beaches of North Goa- Calangute & Baga.



Boats on the Calangute beach, Goa
(Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Lian Chang)

Calangute is the most busiest, popular & famous beach of North Goa. Thousands of Domestic and Foreign tourists flock the beach mostly at the year end – Christmas & New year, and in summers in May. This long, seven-km sweep of sand located 15 kms from Panaji and 8 km from Mapusa, is called the ‘Queen of Beaches’.

Calangute has twin face depending on one’s definition of ‘fun under the sun’. The North side of Beach has more domestic tourists oriented water fun activities, touts vying customers, sunbathers, hawkers, roadside eateries, souvenir shops and the southern part is more up-scale & sophisticated. One can find more relaxed activities happening with fancier restaurants & lesser boat-trip touts


It is very fascinating but true that many tourists fails to understand that Baga is an extension of the adjoining town of Calangute and nobody seems to be sure where one ends and the other begins, But the true fact is Calangute and the area around it, Sinquerim, Baga, Candolimis where tourism all started for Goa.

 From the late Sixties, this area had attracted Flower-power hippies’ handout but later on, this area caught an eye of tour operators and it became the hotspot of water sports, fun, parties & holiday heaven. ts. This place is the party hub where dancing & drinking goes on till wee hours of the night. Baga is top on any tourist itinerary due to its sun, sea, flea market, night-life and eateries.


Parasailing and othe water sports activities are prime attractions at Calangute & Baga beaches, Goa.
(Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Praveen)

Goa has long been the world’s party destination, attracting travellers from all over, so this is sea-food paradise. Here are many restaurants which have been influenced heavily by all parts of the world and they serve cuisines from all over the world.


Sunset at Beaches of Goa
(Pic Credit: wikimedia Commons)


Tourists from all over the world get attracted by the sea, sun and sand available at serene beaches and a treasure trove for those who wish to relax, rejuvenate & replenish. Many picturesque beaches, tasty sea food and the facilities for enjoying marine life will continue to fascinate tourists along these coastlines.


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