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India’s Architectural Marvel: Jhulta Minara at Ahmedabad

Located nearby of  the Ahmedabad Railway station(Outside of Sarangpur Gate), is a Mosque built in 15th century named as Sidi Bashir Mosque. A master craftsmanship has made this mosque popular not only due to its religious significance but as well as among tourists equally, due to two minarets. 


The Shaking Minarets at Ahmedabad

There are two minarets in the mosque and each is well crafted, three stories in height. The minarets are famously called as ‘Jhulta ‘Minara‘ or ‘Shaking Minarets‘. A gentle shaking of either of minaret results in the other minaret vibrating, though the connecting passage remain static. It is said that a European Sanskrit scholar, Monier M Williams noticed that the minarets are shaking. So this led to the name of Shaking Minarets.


Each Minaret is three stories tall with carved balconies
(Pic Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons)

‘Shaking Minarets’ is one of the most antique and exclusive structures of the city and the phenomenon behind this, is still unknown but legends have that it was constructed this way to save it from future earthquakes.

India is truly a land of great architectures and marvel at every turn and has a proud history of its own. 

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