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“iTravel, iWrite” travelogue contest

Image presents “iTravel, iWrite” travelogue contest. The travelogue contest is a major attraction for bloggers who just love to travel and explore. Let’s not miss a chance to grab this exciting opportunity and who knows, anyone can be lucky enough to get their hands on such exciting prizes.
Rules and Regulations
1. The contest is valid for persons residing in India.
2. There is no limit to travelogues a participant can write but make sure that all your travelogues are on different destinations and contain original work.
3. All Entries will have joint copyrights of and the participant.

4. Decisions announced by will be final and no requests/complaints will be entertained once the winners are announced.
5. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the contest if circumstances demand.
6. Any legal initiation will subject to the jurisdiction of the Ludhiana Courts.
By participating in “iTravel, iWrite” Travelogue Contest, participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned above.
Prize Details
Following are the prize details:-
1. Travelogue will be published to the leading travel information website
2. Highly liked & Shared travelogue will be entitled to win Travel related Book.
3. Professional Bloggers can be chosen to be an affiliate for a year with Any article submitted in this period, subject to Terms & conditions will make them earn USD 20.00 per article.

What should be the part of your Travelogue?

• Your own personal travel experience.
• Memorable and good-to-share travel pics! (The limit is 5 pics per travelogue)
• Review about the hotel or accommodation you stayed in.
• Detailed coverage of the place (Let us be there virtually!)
• Interesting places to visit and important monuments and symbols etc. (Period! Yup that’s the idea)
• Things to do & what must not to miss out (Hang out places- Place which are icing on cake)
• Food & Cuisines, also notable restaurants & eat-out points.
• How to reach & direction of the places. ( Be our Guide)
How to enter the Contest
Submit your entries to:
For any query, you can mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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