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Steaming the Heritage Tourism in India: Journey of mighty ‘Akbar’

Quintessential chhuk-chhuk, whistling & rhythmic chugging and synchronized throw of black smoke bring back the nostalgia associated to any steam locomotive. India, in Heritage Tourism segment is making many progresses and one of the progressive steps is to restore, revive and re-use the prestigious steam locomotives.


Akbar- The prestigious Steam loco (WP 7161)
Pic Credit:

After Independence of India, WP steam locos with their distinctive cone-shaped bulging nose with a star painted on it, were the standard passenger locos. This class of Broad Gauge loco has been used by Indian Railways to haul many prestigious express trains & these locos are capable of speeds up to 110 kmph.


Akbar- the steam loco in Action
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Restored at Amritsar Workshop, ‘Akbar’ (Steam Loco WP 7161) named after the famous Mughal Emperor, is plying Steam express tourist train from Delhi Cantt to the adobe of tigers in Sariska in Alwar. Akbar is the Chittranjan Locomotive Works built engine, inducted into active service in 1965. It is the India’s one of the last surviving vintage steam engine and has played a role in Bollywood flicks like recent hit Bhag Milkha Bhag. Akbar takes a journey of 138 kms and it is prized possession of Rewari Steam Locomotive. Rewari Steam Locomotive is the winner of National Tourism Award in the category of most innovative tourism product (Year 2012).

Departure Dates for Steam Express Train

Months Year 2013 Year 2014 Year 2015 Year 2016
January 11, 25 10, 24 9, 23
February 8, 22 14, 28 13, 27
March 8, 22 14, 28 12, 26
April 12, 26 12, 26 10, 24
October  26 11, 25 10, 24
November 9, 23 8, 22 14, 28
December 14, 28 13, 21 12, 26

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