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Contest Alert : Fan Page ka Sikander

We are constantly surprised by the world of Facebook and the friendships that have developed and the generosity of many of our community travelers around the globe. From sharing events to uploading brilliant photos, we are always genuinely excited about the buzz within Facebook.


Contest- Fan Page ka Sikander

To share our appreciation to existing Facebook friends, we have come up with a brilliant contest “Fan Page ka Sikander” (hash-tag #BeSikander #followTripOrTrap). The participant who have maximum mutual friend likes on our Facebook Page will Win! The details of the contest are as follows:-

Rules for Participants:

  1. Contest period- October 22 to October 26, 2013 and Contest is to thank our ever supporting fan base on Facebook.
  2. Send Invitations to all your friends to ‘Like’ our Facebook page. Invitations can be send  A.) By using ‘Invite your friend’ option on the right hand side pane of the page  B.) use the following app link:  C.) Manually Inviting friends to like the page. Image
  3. App provide facility to the Fans to Invite all friends instantly or One by One (Refer above Image)
  4. This Contest is exclusively for Facebook fan of TriporTrap.comImage
  5. Participants have to then take a screen shot of Mutual Friends who have liked the Page and mail it to:
  6.  After Scrutiny, we will declare the daily leading participants and participants may startagize by tagging friends & family to get maximum mutual friends who’ve liked’s Official Facebook page.
  7. Last date to submit your entry- October 26, Midnight.
  8. Only one entry per person is allowed.
  9. The criteria for judgement will be 50% dependent on the number of mutual friends & 50% on our management’s decision.

Rules for Sending Screen Shot :

  1. Participants have to send the screen shot. To get any help on how to get a screen shot, click HERE.
  2. Screenshot should have participant identity i.e. Display picture or name so as to ascertain the authenticity of the image.
  3. More your friends will like the page, more are the chances of your winning.
  4. Mail should have complete details of the participants such as Name, Age and Contact details of the participant.
  5. Use hash-tags #BeSikander, #followTriporTrap while communicating on various digital media platforms.

The Winning entry will be featured on both our Blog Page & on our Facebook page and will get mobile recharges voucher from the management! Winner can split the prize among one of his/her friend or can take full prize.

All the Best.


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