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Contest Result- Food on the Go

It has been very busy last 3-4 days at TripOrTrap, We had organized a Facebook Contest from 12th Oct- 15th Oct for the celebration of World Food Day.

The Participants were:-

1. Dilmeet Matta

2. Savi Garg

3. Arushi Gupta

4. Rahul Jain

5. Sarath Babu


Top 3 Entries

We had a fierce battle for top 3 position and it gone neck to neck at many times but as we had to chose one winner out of all. So, based on overall T&C, The Winner for the Contest “Food on the Go” is SAVI GARG with getting 60+ votes for her entry.

Also, worth mentioning is the second position holder “Dilmeet Matta” with her Indian street food dish “Bhel” getting 50 votes.

We thank all the participants for their brave effort and request the winner to wait for our next communique on her e-mail id.

Keep Watching this space for more contest & follow our website for Hotel Reviews.



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