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Backpack and Hit the Rough Routes


Backpacking- To travel is to live
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For some travelers it is the destination that matters, and for some it is the journey!

Backpackers are of the latter sorts! There are many reasons why people choose to take a backpacking trip. It is not just budget travelers who choose to do it, but rather people in search for an experience of the real. Backpacking in any country allows you to see past the superficial layers that exist in travel brochures. It leads you to encounter the soul of the county, beyond a typical bus.


Backpacking- No place in Particular
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The world is a crazy place to go backpacking and the sheer variety of countries and destination options means that you can travel for months and barely even scratch the surface of the world has to offer. Backpacking differs from typical tourist trips, starting with the amount it costs. For backpackers average accommodation is dirt cheap as you are on the lookout for the most basics.

Food is available to suit a variety of tastes and pocket sizes. With the variety of transport facilities, you can be sure to get to any parts across the world or locality, quite easily. If you are not a fan of moving around on two, get four. Hit the roads for a road trip, stop at all the small places and take Another highlight of backpacking, is the opportunity of meeting a multitude of people from varied walk of life, when you take the rough routes, you come to interact with the local people and get to know their native languages, food and also customs. People are happy to meet and talk to you, when you are one among them. This constant contact with people, despite language barriers, helps improve your social skills. You become street smart! A backpacker has to adapt and improvise as there is not always a fixed plan or routine! But on a backpack trip, it’s your own time and there is no late or rush, so you have the liberty to do whatever you like!


Glow Sign- Let’s go anywhere
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Another fascination could be amazing culture and heritage. From art and craft to architecture, local delicacies to dialects; as a backpacker the world is your oyster. Get away from the humdrum of mundane life and venture into the unknown. It’s an experience in survival with bare minimum. You can wear the same clothes every day because nobody will ever know. Remember you are on the move! Click pictures and say, ‘been there, done that!’

All these different experiences (good and bad) just make you feel alive. To go beyond your own boundaries and discover the lesser known places and experiences which tell you so much about the destination and about yourself; that’s what backpacking is all about. The reward for those who take the back roads and are prepared to rough it; is an experience that is impossible to forget –an up close view of the land and its people and a real journey!


Dream is to travel the world

Enjoy the rest of your journeys, for you have many left. So, keep few clothes & items for daily chores and let’s hit the Road.

Happy Traveling!


One thought on “Backpack and Hit the Rough Routes

  1. This is an interesting post, it surprised me a great deal. In the US, “backpacking” has a different meaning, although I can clearly tell what you’re talking about and I can see its appeal. For me, backpacking means putting my tent, sleeping bag, food, and warm clothing in my backpack, hiking up the side of a mountain with everything I’ll need, and spending a few nights in the wild. Much of the appeal is similar to your style; it means getting to know a place on an intimate level, going beyond the crowded view you’ve seen in a million post cards, and it means learning about yourself in the process.

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