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Honeymoon Destinations in India

India is a land of diversity, it serves the purpose of all kind of excursions. India has hills to capture scenic beauty, beaches to rejuvenate with water, monuments to gain knowledge, adventure to live your life to the fullest, peace to seek contentment and list is never ending.
India gives u everything you wish for a vacation and especially when its with your loved ones. We all expect to have the best time when away for trips, but are we aware of the best destinations and their specialities ? And is it possible to inquire about a country’s all destination. We provide you with perfect aid to know about the best destinations.

“Honeymoon” is said to be the best time to know your partner by visiting new exotic places and spending time away from the standard busy schedule. Its the time to rejoice and feel the essence of togetherness,which is only possible if you have complimenting surroundings. Everyone dreams of a ten on ten place to gather memories for lifetime. Many people prefer visiting abroad, but have not explored their homeland to the fullest. India also provides with all kind of destinations and when it comes to honeymoon, it has a list of exotic places to provide proper ambiance for perfect time.

Lets discuss about the creme of creme destinations in India for a perfect pinch of love,memories and lifetime experience.

A. The Sandy Beauties of India

1. GOA

Goa is one of the the smallest state yet receives the highest number of tourists.Its exotic beaches attract people from all over the world.Not just its sandy beaches but Goa is also famous for its rich flora-fauna and sumptuous cuisines. Goa serves as a perfect destination for bachelors, trips with friends and exclusive for the newly married couples. The beaches at Goa creates romantic surroundings for the lovers. It provides the freedom to associate themselves with the magic of nature and the spark in their relationship, couples enjoy freedom, experience adventures like scuba diving,sea surfing and more to make your trip memorable. Goa is the multifaceted crown of India.

The smallest Union Territory with the only coral reef in India. The Lakshadweep Islands are situated in isolation with serenity of The Arabian Sea. These Islands are least populated but have a rich variety of marine life. It beckons the newly wed couples to enjoy the spellbound beauty and to spend quality time together.

Other sandy beauties of India include Andaman and Nicobar Islands ,Pondicherry, Alleppey, Daman and Diu etc.


B. Mountains Call


Shimla in Winter


1. Hills at Northern India (SHIMLA-MANALI-NANITAL)

These are the most famous hill-stations of India offering beautiful mountains,snow,valleys and remarkable culture.Almost every Indian couple has visited these hill stations to spend their honeymoon time. Shimla being the capital of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by dense forests offering variety of oaks, pines and deodar which adds to the scenic beauty of Himachal. The hills, lakes, mall road and the tranquility of these places attract couples to capture moments for lifetime.Indian hill stations give memories worth cherishing.

C. Royal Heritage Walk  (JAIPUR- JAISALMER- JODHPUR)


Amber Palace, Jaipur
(Photo credit: Himalayan Trails / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA)

Want to feel like like a Princess while out for honeymoon with the Prince of your life, visit the Royal destination of India. Jaipur has number of palaces and forts to explain the lives of the Kings of the historian period.Even the hotels and resorts of Jaipur are constructed in the manner of palaces to give your holiday the touch of Royalty.
Spending your honeymoon at a place like Jodhpur can make you feel as is if you have traveled back in time with your beloved. The mesmerizing beauty of these destinations invoke the feeling of being together in the midst of ancient cities. The Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan is one of the must visit places to experience the real beauty of sand,night and stars, the nights are beautiful and breathtaking with extreme climatic conditions. It makes you feel complete even in solitude.

D. The Southern Beauty 

Kerala is a perfect destination for holidays, honeymoons,art,culture,health, Ayurveda and lots more.The captivating beauty of the lush greens and and beautiful beaches and wooden boats makes it as an ideal place to spend honeymoon. Kerala’s timeless beauty of the palms fringed beaches and mountainous areas like Munnar make it an all in one destination.Peaceful pristine environment with emerald green waters is the best place to relax and romance.Kerala is known for its romance as it has beach side resorts, sprawling hill stations, coconut plantations which provides a proper ambiance.


Coorg or Kodagu is entitled as “The Scotland of India” for its astonishing beauty. It is situated in the heart of Southern Indian Peninsula, the area is known for its coffee plantation. Food and coffee lovers can seek great pleasure from a Honeymoon spent in Coorg. The aroma fresh from the estates makes each morning beautiful.
Nature walks,guided watching trips, local attractions one of the most famous being The Abbey waterfalls makes the honeymoon more charged up with positivity flowing in the purity of relations.The Scots and Coorgs had many similarities from lifestyle to interests, that’s why Coorg is called the Scotland of India. Its an exclusive place for honeymooners.

 E. Paradise on Earth- KASHMIR & SRINAGAR


Sunset in Kashmir
(Photo credit: Tony George / Foter / CC BY)

The places in India like Kashmir also contribute to the tourist attractions spot such as Srinagar , Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Kathua , Dal Lake, Jama Masjid, Dass (coldest Inhabited place),Shalimar Garden garden to name a few . Kashmir is known as heaven/paradise on earth, the snowy atmosphere, romantic shikara rides at Dal Lake make it as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. The stay at Royal Houseboats offers romantic surroundings.
Gulmarg is famous for winter sports like skiing and ice skating there.Poets define Kashmir as “Emerald set in pearls”it is the nature’s bounty which treats ones soul.Want to experience love and peace in midst of water,snow,hills and greenery, visit Kashmir and Srinagar.

F. Epitome of Love- Agra


Epitome of Love

These are just a few destinations for an ideal honeymoon, India offers much more variety. Its beauty cannot be described in words. India has the perfect epitome of love “Taj Mahal” in Agra, it is one of the wonders of the world, defines the power of love and simplicity. A must visit place for the honeymooners.

So, There are many places for a newly wed couple to go and explore. India provides many places for each different taste of honeymooners.


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