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Another Natural Disaster causing misery : Floods in Kerala

Natural Disasters have caused havoc and misery in South India after the Uttrakhand tragedy. The year 2013 is marked by the disasters caused by floods and ferocious rains, this monsoon turns out be a bad omen for the poor residents of Kochi/Idukki. The region experienced heavy rains and landslides in Cochin and adjoining area to Kerala, 14 deaths have been reported out of which 5 were a part of the relief team. Vehicles and people were trapped under the debris, the rescue volunteers were also stuck under the heavy mass of debris caused by the landslides.

The famous Siva temple near Aluva was flooded and submerged under water. As per the data available 14 lives lost and many more are missing, eight contingents of army and rescue teams have been appointed to clear out the disturbance caused. The increased water level of Periyar River caused the water logging, as the shutters of Idamalayar dams were opened which therefore results in reverse flow through the drainage of airport.

The Cochin International Airport was closed due to water logging on the runway, this was the first time the runway had been closed. Around 20-25 flights were affected due to the closure of airport. After the runway being cleared the taxis and parking is still waterlogged. Many flights were subverted and halted causing delay to widespread passengers. The Airport resumed its operation at the later half of 6th August, 2013.

The district comprises of poor fishermen and farmers and the discrepancy in the weather has changed their lives due to huge crop loss and property loss. The families have lost the ease to sustenance because of heavy rainfall as about 377(approx.) hectares of crop area has been affected. The government will take charge and compensate for the loss the common people have suffered said Mr. Oommen Chandy, the chief minister. The government has decided to grant Rs.2 lakh for the families who have lost their members and cultivated area. In all the government donated Rs.84 crores for the rescue operations and relief strategies.

The India Meteorological Department said in its forecast that heavy rainfall exceeding 7 cm to13 cm will occur over Kerala till the morning of August 7. The fishermen have been instructed not to venture in the sea for the next 2 days as the strong winds 45-55 kmph would accompany the heavy rains near the coastal districts. The IMD also forecasts the heavy rainfall will move toward the north soon.

The heavy rainfall has disturbed the life of the commoners to a large extent , the dis-balance in the climate patterns has been caused due to manmade strategies , the man is harming the environment for his luxuries and is being affected himself in the long run.


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