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Maha Bodhi Temple : Symbol of Peace & Enlightenment

The Mahabodhi Temple ( Maha : Great, Bodhi : Awakening), is a Buddhist temple at Bodh Gaya, 96 km from capital city Patna. The shrine estimated to be built between 5th and 6th century AD, is holiest pilgrimage for Buddhists from world over. West side of this temple has holy Bodhi tree. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under this Bodhi Tree here in 531 B.C.


Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya- Image courtesy Wikipedia (CC Attribution)

On 7 July, 2013, in a terror attack, 9 low intensity bombs exploded in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one near Buddha statue and near Maha bodhi tree.

We condemn the act of attacking the international symbol of peace, unity and urge all sections of the society to follow the teachings of Lord Buddha by being tolerant to each other in the matter of religious faith and work towards building one humanistic society and here, at,, we are very much proud of India’s vast heritage and culture hence we updated this blog to express our grief to the loss of life and damage to the shrine.

In humanity, we trust!


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