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5 Points to Remember Before Proceeding on an Adventure Trip

Adventure trips are a dream come true opportunity for adventurous travelers.  A trip to a high altitude destination,trekking to deep forests, sailing through uncharted waters or flying to an adventurous destination is always awaited by adventure travel enthusiasts. But,before you embark on your adventurous trip, keep these five points in mind:


Pic courtesy Pinterest

Adventure Trip- Pic courtesy Pinterest

  1. Get your health checkup done. You never know how the adverse climatic conditions might hinder your trip.
  2. Share your detailed itinerary with your family behind. Keep them informed of your schedule and your expected date of arrival
  3. Write down emergency numbers in a diary or a notepad. Do not depend on electronic devices.It would be risky if your devices give up at a crucial moment
  4. Get as much detail as possible about the destination – climate, transportation, food, information about the people there etc.
  5. Keep adequate safety measures. You can’t expect when trouble would greet you on the trip  Do not forget to take a torch light, extra batteries for your mobile phones, chargers, list of phone numbers to contact in emergency etc.

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