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TripOrTrap Featured on World Renowned Intuit Blog

Intuit has been known as a credible group that promotes and helps startups, generally, ‘Small Business’. Intuit has played a significant role over several past years to promote and exemplify the new entrepreneurs and  their plausible products, services. It shares insights, free resources, content, knowledge, information to boost such setups and further choose and interview exemplary entrepreneurs to share their business stories.

 This time it is Neeraj Bhatia, who featured in the exclusive interview section.

 An avid traveler,  adventure enthusiast, part time blogger and most important, the founder of the TripOrTrap, a travel review site where tourists and travelers can find crucial insights and information shared by other travelers.  The reviews section is divided into several subcategories such as Hotels and Destinations with an aim to share honest feedbacks, comments and suggestions given by fellow travelers, thereby helping them to decide and plan their trip better.

 This is how TripOrTrap works — Based on the feedback of fellow travelers, the team of TripOrTrap rate the hotels, their facilities and their amenities such as the cafeteria and restaurant facilities, housekeeping and cleanliness, parking facility and overall hospitality. This helps in “transferring your experiences to all those who are yet to experience the good things of a satisfying holiday trip”, says Neeraj.

 So how did it happen? How did this idea clicked Neeraj?

He studied the travel business well and came out with a comprehensive conclusion that was about to change the traveler experience in India, which till now remained neglected. He gave a platform unlike other travel portals and sites which talked to the travel enthusiast to voice and review their complete journey and experiences.

 So, his team planned to start a hotel and a destination review website with the aim of saving travelers from the traps/wrong doings and misleading commitment made by travel agents , so rampant even now. “Travel planning is the most essential thing which our country needs because no demo, no trial packs are available to make sure one gets the optimum value out of trip each time”.

In TripOrTrap, hotel and other reviews are made by real travelers with an  aim to assist other fellow travelers to to find out hotel best suited to their needs. Since, we believe that traveling is the only segment where there is no ‘try-before-buy’, people can plan their trip based on reviews thereby mitigating the chances of impulsive and instinctive choices.

 So, Now you know where to look, when you are planning a trip!



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