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Advance Reservation Period (ARP) Reduced : Indian Railways

Breaking News:

rail2Ministry of Railways has taken the decision of reducing the Advance Reservation Period from 120 days to 60 days (excluding date of journey). The decision is applicable from 1st of May  2013 and will be applicable to Indian travelers only. Foreign Tourists can still enjoy ARP of 360 days, as before.

Advance Reservation Period is the time  period in  which any passenger can reserve the seats, berths or compartments for trains in India. Indian Railways had, in the past, increased this limit but the menace of touts and bulk booking of tickets by agents has made it to consider the reduction in booking period. It has been (allegedly) observed that touts book the tickets and sell it on premium to the prospective passengers. It has been, also, observed that due to hectic life style, people are not opting to book the train tickets months ago. Increase in Cancellation charges and reduction in ARP can be beneficial for the people who are planning to go on travel and are expecting to get a confirmed booking.

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