Read, Go, Share


Hey Folks, We triportrap.com is the newest entrant to the family of Indian Online Travel Review Community.

We are not just another website on travel and hotel reviews!! Diving deeper in to this perspective and apprehending the ‘You’ side of a traveler and his expedition experience, we have come up with this website. We are totally dedicated to ‘You’.
Here, ‘You’ decide ‘Your’ journey, and the fate of the travel and tourism industry in the country.

We believe in ‘Travel Chakra’ or the ‘Wheel of Journey’, of which ‘Read, ‘Go’, and ‘Share’ are three vital axes. TriporTrap.com is the place, where ends meet ends. This will not only help the trippers experience the best, but also enable the hoteliers to improve their quality of service and serve more and more customers happily. Travelers can share their traveling experiences by giving Hotel Reviews, Can know about a place by going through India Destination guide, share the experience on travelogue section.

So come and Join! You and we will together keep this ‘Wheel of Journey’ running and turn every disguising ‘Trap’ in to a satisfied ‘Trip’.


Express your Opinion. Speak Out.

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