TripOrTrap Supports Earth Hour- India


In continuation to pledge made by Triportrap management to participate in every social responsibility work, TriporTrap.com celebrated Earth Hour on 23rd March. TriporTrap put badge of Earth hour on it’s website for whole day on 23rd of March 2013 so as to show support and solidarity towards this cause. User were re-directed to the Pledge Page of WWF-India website (http://bit.ly/10vGKuK).

Earth Hour reached to India in 2009 and had support of 56 cities. Sources say that this has inched to incredible 150 cities in 2012.  We have taken the Pledge to reduce our Impact on the environment and appeal the nation and it’s concerned citizens to make this movement not an annual even but a regular feature in everyday’s life.


Share your hotel, destination reviews on TriporTrap.com

Travel to different destinations is what we all like. We travel to various destinations to explore the place, to know about the history of that place, to understand the culture, to enjoy, party and relinquish food of various types. The pleasure of travel doesn’t stop once we have returned from the journey. We love to share our stories with our friends and others around us. We love to talk for hours about the journey, stay, destinations visited, people we met, various cuisines we consumed and so on. But, don’t you think your stories should be read by many other travel enthusiasts than just your family and friends??

TriporTrap has now come up with a cool website, http://www.triportrap.com to address the above need. TriporTrap has a vision to build an effective online travel review community for all travelers. Even a regular traveler would like to know some details before actually venturing out on a tour. The experiences you had on your tour can be helpful for fellow travelers.

We invite all travel enthusiasts to share your experiences in following four ways:

1) Travelogue
Travelogue is a section where you can detail every instance about your journey, http://www.triportrap.com/travelogue . You could freely express your experiences and thoughts about that destination which would be helpful for others who might plan to visit those destinations.

2) Hotel Review
Stay at a tourist destination is a very crucial part of a travel. After a tiring day-out one would like to retire in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Share your review about the hotel you stayed here, http://www.triportrap.com/hotels


3) Destinations Review
Some destinations could be ideal for an adventurous sport, while could be ideal for a romantic trip, or could be a pleasant destination for the entire familymily to visit. Share your experiences about a destination that you visited which would help other fellow travelers to plan their trip, http://www.triportrap.com/destinations

4) Travel Forum & Discussion Board
TriporTrap Forum is an ideal feature on our website http://www.triportrap.com/forum where you all interact with fellow travelers and discuss on various topics related to travel and seek advice from each other.

We assure TriporTrap.com is a one-stop avenue for all travel related discussions, insights from people who have really been there and have experienced on their own. So, click now http://www.triportrap.com and get drowned in the travel related insights.


“India- Been there, Seen that” Travelogue Contest


TriporTrap.com presents “India been there, seen that” travelogue contest. The travelogue contest is a major attraction for bloggers who just love to travel and explore. Lets not miss a chance to grab this exciting opportunity and who knows, anyone can be lucky enough to get their hands on such exciting prizes.

Rules and Regulations

1. The contest is valid for persons residing in India.

2. There is no limit to travelogues a participant can write but make sure that all your travelogues are on different destinations and contain original work.

3. All Entries will have joint copyrights of http://triportrap.com/ and the participant.

4. Decisions announced by Triportrap.com will be final and no requests/complaints will be entertained once the winners are announced.

5. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the contest if circumstances demand.

6. Any legal initiation will subject to the jurisdiction of the Ludhiana Courts.

By participating in “India- Been there, Seen that” Travelogue Contest, participant agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Prize Details

Triportrap.com don’t believe in number game so all the prizes are overlapping!! You never know you might alone hit the bull’s eye and grab all segment of prizes.

Canon Digital Camera – It will be the proud possession of Mega Prize winner. This camera will help you to shoot videos, images and capture the essence of your next trip.

Indian Travelling Guide Book – Namely “Highway on My Plate: The Indian Guide to Roadside Eating” by Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma. This book is ideal for those who don’t want to miss out on the diverse cuisines that India offers, and are looking for the perfect guide to good eating. This Book will be awarded to 3 Travelogue Entries who had included Roads/Highways, Road Trips or Road side eateries in the story.

Affiliation for a year with TripOrTrap.com: 5 most appreciated Travel Blogs will have chance to be an affiliate for a year with TriporTrap.com. Any article submitted in this period, subject to Terms & conditions, will make them earn USD 20.00 per article.

What should be the part of your Travelogue?

• Your own personal travel experience.

• Memorable and good-to-share travel pics! (The limit is 5 pics per travelogue)

• Review about the hotel or accommodation you stayed in.

• Detailed coverage of the place (Let us be there virtually!)

• Interesting places to visit and important monuments and symbols etc. (Period! Yup that’s the idea)

• Things to do & what must not to miss out (Hang out places- Place which are icing on cake)

• Food & Cuisines, also notable restaurants & eat-out points.

• How to reach & direction of the places. ( Be our Guide)

How to enter the Contest

Submit your entries to : http://www.triportrap.com/travelogue

For any query, you can mail at info@triportrap.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Read, Go, Share


Hey Folks, We triportrap.com is the newest entrant to the family of Indian Online Travel Review Community.

We are not just another website on travel and hotel reviews!! Diving deeper in to this perspective and apprehending the ‘You’ side of a traveler and his expedition experience, we have come up with this website. We are totally dedicated to ‘You’.
Here, ‘You’ decide ‘Your’ journey, and the fate of the travel and tourism industry in the country.

We believe in ‘Travel Chakra’ or the ‘Wheel of Journey’, of which ‘Read, ‘Go’, and ‘Share’ are three vital axes. TriporTrap.com is the place, where ends meet ends. This will not only help the trippers experience the best, but also enable the hoteliers to improve their quality of service and serve more and more customers happily. Travelers can share their traveling experiences by giving Hotel Reviews, Can know about a place by going through India Destination guide, share the experience on travelogue section.

So come and Join! You and we will together keep this ‘Wheel of Journey’ running and turn every disguising ‘Trap’ in to a satisfied ‘Trip’.